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rent strike in action fighting the eviction crisis in houston

The CDC ban came too late in Houston, TX – between the $600 unemployment ending and the federal order halting COVID-related evictions until December, an unprecedented number of renters had sheriff’s deputies at their door to evict. This has included families, elderly people, and children thrown out of their homes the day before school started.… Read More »

gov pritzker stop il utility shut offs

No Ameren Shutoffs, a volunteer-led grassroots campaign, won our second consecutive win against Ameren Illinois, a multi-billion dollar corporation! Your help made the second extension of the utility shut-off moratorium possible, but the fight is not over yet! Ameren Illinois already demonstrated their disregard for renters’ well-being by repeatedly threatening our access to essential utility… Read More »

Debt is Mounting – Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay!

What should renters do as payments pile up? Don’t move, fight back! Join us next Thursday, October 1st for our Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay Organizing Call! At the beginning of the month, Trump and the CDC issued a sweeping eviction moratorium. This is no doubt a victory of the grassroots organizing that put pressure on… Read More »

we need your help stop il utility shutoffs

Illinois needs your help to protect access to water, electricity & gas during this pandemic!Earlier, this summer, No Ameren Shutoffs conducted a call-in campaign to the Illinois Commerce Commission demanding no utility shutoffs for working people during the COVID-19 crisis. This campaign was victorious, and resulted in an extension of the shutoff moratorium from August… Read More »

friday s organizing call was a big success let s keep up the momentum

Over 50 people attended Friday’s Rent Strike 2020 organizing call, representing over 20 cities in every region of the country! Renters shared their organizing experience, highlighted recent actions to block evictions where the courts have already re-opened, and discussed how to fight back against the looming “tsunami” of evictions working class people face come fall.… Read More »

black lives matter black housing matters

Rent Strike 2020 stands in solidarity with #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd! The movement has spread like wildfire nationally and internationally, as youth and working people stand up in outrage against the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other black and brown people murdered in cold blood by the police! It is no coincidence that these… Read More »

RENT STRIKE IN ACTION: Rent Withholding Wins Repairs in Milwaukee

Earlier this year when the economic crisis and pandemic hit, word of a Rent Strike rippled across the country. Tenants in Wisconsin were inspired, and 700 joined the Facebook group Wisconsin Rent Strike 2020 to encourage and help one another get organized. Renters shared resources in the group, and held virtual meetings where tenants across… Read More »