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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Back in March, over three million people signed the petition to cancel rent, mortgage, and utility payments for the duration of the pandemic.

Now we are in a new situation. 143,000 people in the US have died of the virus. Cases are surging across the country. Permanent job losses are continuing to rise, and 5.4 million have lost their health insurance. People of color, immigrants, and women have been worst impacted by the crisis.

Despite this, reopening is underway, and a majority of states’ eviction bans have expired. Across the country we are starting to see housing courts make their way through backlogs of thousands of eviction filings, holding hearings on Zoom or in repurposed convention centers, so that landlords and investors can resume business-as-usual and start to evict.

This is an emergency. One in five renters are at risk of being evicted by October. A wave of mass evictions would devastate working class communities, exacerbate the pandemic, and disproportionately impact Black renters and communities of color.

We launched Rent Strike to campaign to #CancelRent and to provide millions of tenants with the tools to launch a collective fightback. We won’t stand by while millions are thrown into the streets! We are getting organized, block-by-block and building-by-building to stand up against the for-profit housing system that preys on working people!

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